Are You In?

CAG is excited to announce our partnership with PayPal Giving Fund.  This means, when you donate to the foundation 100% will be received, no fees are deducted.

This is a BIG deal!

This news is right on time!  You see, CAG’s giving tree is on a quest to raise over $10,000 in 2016.  I know, a hefty goal but this BIG dream can become a reality with your support.

We are boldly asking for your commitment and support in monthly donations that will allow CAG to expand our reach and assist more families in need.  Every cent will be used to aide kids with school supplies, Pay It Forward by providing hot meals and toiletries to less fortunate Houstonians and pamper caregivers with a much needed mani/pedi who has supported an ill family member and so much more.  

Check out the video of how the giving tree made a difference in Emely and her family’s life.

Please click here and commit to donating. We depend on it; people like Emely depend on it.  You have the power to make a difference in our community. No donation is too small. Are you in?

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